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Staying in Touch with Customers: Introduction

Staying in Touch with Your Customers: Introduction
Step 1: Develop Your Mailing List
Step 2: Create Your E-mail Newsletter, Part 1
Step 2b: Create Your E-mail Newsletter, Part 2
Step 3: Send the Newsletter

One of the biggest challenges for any business is customer retention. Finding new customers can be a time-consuming and expensive proposition whether you use direct mail, trade shows, or cold calling. Keeping the customers you've worked so hard to find can be one of the most important factors for business success. So, how do you keep them coming back?

You probably use Microsoft Office XP daily for correspondence, e-mail, and more. But did you realize it can be a powerful ally in your campaign for customer retention? A very effective method for retaining customers is by staying in touch through frequent communication. Sending your customers a regular newsletter with important information can be a valuable tool for customer retention. And to keep costs way down, why not send it by e-mail?

Office XP gives you all the tools needed to not only quickly create an e-mail newsletter with powerful visual impact, but effortlessly send it to your customers with a few simple keystrokes. Just follow our step-by-step guide and soon you'll be creating and sending your own e-mail newsletter.

Keeping the Customers You Have

Often businesses spend as much time and effort gathering new customers as they do on anything else. It's also one of the most costly functions of doing business. So it's important to make sure you don't lose the customers you've spent so much energy to acquire. The alternative is to continue with the time-consuming process of finding new customers from an ever shrinking pool of prospects. Since it costs much less to keep existing customers instead of constantly replacing them, it makes good business sense to do what it takes to keep them coming back.

Regular communication with your customers lets them know how much you value them and their business. Show them you care by offering valuable information such as tips on how to utilize your products and services more effectively, event announcements, information on upcoming new products and expanded services, and special discounts on existing ones.

The Value of Communication

Utilizing an e-mail newsletter can be an effective, low-cost method for staying in touch with your customers. It helps reduce churn and can easily generate more business from customers you've already spent a great deal of effort to win. Since there are no mailing and printing costs involved, it's also very gentle to your bottom-line. Another benefit is the almost instantaneous delivery e-mail affords you. You don't have to worry whether the post office will get the newsletter to your customers in time for them to take advantage of a special offer. And to give you a head start on your newsletter, use the e-mail newsletter template from the Microsoft Office Template Gallery.

E-mail newsletter template E-mail newsletter template

Office XP makes it simple to create and send a powerful e-mail newsletter for maximum impact. Customers will appreciate the regular communication and you'll be rewarded with more business from your existing customer base.

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Step 1: Develop your mailing list

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