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Newsletter Keep in Contact with Your Customers
Small businesses, do it yourself: Use our step-by-step guide to creating an e-mail newsletter.
 Pink ribbon Fight Breast Cancer
MSN WomenCentral's tips to beat the odds.
 Get to Work
Find Clip Art, Photos, Sounds, and More
See our Clip of the Day and choose from over 100,000 clips on Design Gallery Live.
Save Time with Templates
Templates for autumn eventsUse templates to help schedule and publicize an autumn event.
Get Help Using Office Products
Articles, tips, and a spotlight to the rescue! No more scratching your head over printing or macros. Help is here.
 Find out about reported vulnerability in Microsoft Word
 Keep track of open docs in Word
 Format diagrams and organization charts in Office XP
Connect with eServices
Web services help you make the most of Office. Whether it's internet faxing or e-mail, eServices has something for you.
 Office Update
Update Your Software
Make Office more secureKeep Office current and secure. Visit Office Product Updates.
 Office XP Service Pack 2 for Multilingual User Interface Pack
Find a Download
Looking for converters, add-ins, and viewers? This is the place for you.
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Office XP converter pack
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